Abstract Guidelines

The Scientific Committee Will Evaluate All Abstracts Presented In TWO Types

Oral Presentation

    • Oral Presentations Guidelines:
    • General Rules:
      Duration of oral presentations is 8 minutes, and the discussion will be at the end of the session.
      Personal computers are not allowed.
      Presentations are designed in Microsoft PowerPoint format.
      If your presentation contains a video, make sure that it is included in the file.
      Deliver your presentation to the audio-visual desk (on a CD, External hard disk, flash memory) at least one session ahead.
      Deletion of your presentation is ensured at the end of the session.
      The whole conference will be video-taped. If you do not want to include your presentation, the camera will be directed to you, not the screen.


  • Presentation Format Guidelines:
    Put a very short introduction/review and go directly to your aim.
    Clarify your aim and rapidly explain your methodology.
    Minimize wording and replace by diagrams or photos when possible.
    Use well illuminated, high resolution photos.
    Do not put more than 4 photos / slide.
    Short videos are highly valued.
    Show clear photos and evaluate your results.
    Explain the pros and cons of your technique and defend your point of view.
    Put a conclusion or take home message.

Poster Presentation

    • Poster Display Guidelines:
    • General Rules:
      Poster Display is designed to give presenters an opportunity to discuss informally their research with colleagues interested in their work.
      The purpose of the posters is to visually stimulate interest in the research, to present sufficient information for viewers to understand the methods, results, and significance of the research, and to promote conversations and networking among congress participants.
      Posters Size: 70 cm Width & 100 cm Height, scotch tape, self-adhesive pads & pins are allowed.
      At least one author of each poster should be present for discussion and to answer questions about his research during the Official Poster Sessions and, if possible, during the coffee breaks.


  • Poster Format & Content Guidelines:
    Posters presentations are hard-copy (paper/poster) format only.
    Posters must fit within the designated space listed above.
    The most successful and attractive posters are graphically-produced posters that highlight and summarize the main points, with the poster presenter filling in the details.
    The least effective poster format is a photocopy of the manuscript.
    A brief introduction, goals, experimental detail, conclusions, and references (make sure this information is presented in a logical and clear sequence.
    Explanations for graphs, pictures, and tables.
    The entire poster layout should be readable from 4-5 feet away.
    Be careful in your use of colors, some people are red-green color blind and some colors do not stand out in contrast to others.

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts must be submitted electronically, by 5th of October 2017.
Authors names & titles should be mentioned
Please build your abstract as per the following framework:
Aims (ideally one to two sentences)
Methods and results
Conclusions (ideally two to three sentences)
Your abstract must not exceed 3,500 characters including spaces.
The title should be written in lower case (not in capital letters).
The abstract title must not include any trade names (they may, however, be used in the content of your text).
Please prepare your text in “Times New Roman” font.
Tables are not accepted in the abstract submission and selection processes.
Abstracts including any form of table will be rejected and will not enter the selection process.
Once the closing date had passed, you will not be able to modify your abstract.
Maximum size allowed for submissions is 2 MB

Invitation / Notification

The Acceptance Announcement will be the 31st of December 2017.
All authors whose submissions are accepted will receive an official invitation from the Organizing Committee.

Abstracts deadline 5th of October 2017.


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